Warsaw Museum of Modern Art
Varsovie, Pologne

The appearance of the external building envelope changes with each season. 
Composed of a woven metal mesh of different metals and varying colours, the building aesthetic transforms according to the climate.
In summer, the building presents colourful facades that play with and enhance the natural light. This effect is equally reversible and participates in creating a surreal interior atmosphere with the use of filtered light.
In spring and autumn, during the nocturnal months, the building functions like a magic lantern which animates the surrounding public spaces.
In winter, during the two or three months that the temperature drops below zero, the building uses the principle of ice walls already established in scandanavian countries.
This system utilises a warm water supply that is drip dispersed at the top of the facade and intern creates a peripheral ice curtain.
This appearance conjures up a strong image of a north eastern European Museum.
The ice facades have a short life span. As a cultural tool these facades pose the question of our contemporary relationship with the natural environment.
International Competition / Prize : Mention

Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, Varsovie, Pologne

42 M.€HT
Maître d'ouvrage
City of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Michal Leszczynski Architect
Ducks Scéno / Scenograph