The DI-VA house, whose name is a play on the owners’ names, occupies a previously empty space in the residential Croix-Rousse district of Lyon.
Given the narrowness of the frontage, and the fact that there is a building directly opposite, the architects decided to adopt a judo-type strategy.
The house turns away from direct confrontation, and exploits chinks in the landscape in order to optimise the views and ambiances. Entirely prefabricated, it was constructed in less than a week. Its sudden appearance came as something of a surprise to the neighbours, whose reactions were mixed.
But in spite of its uncompromising colour and form, the building does not express any aggressiveness.
On the contrary, it takes its place quite harmoniously in the surrounding topology, with tranquillity and a considerable degree of discretion.

House, Lyon, Rhône, France

220 m ²
Shell, concrete base
Alfred Carayol
Wood frame

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