Logistics workshops
Lyon, Rhône, France

Our task consisted of reorganising and extending a logistical platform that was dilapidated, ill-assorted and lacking in architectural coherence. A desire to clarify the functioning of the site led to the demolition of some parts, the renovation of others, and the construction of a new wing.
The new building provides storage space for the city of Lyon's department of logistics, transport and festivals. It complies with strict constraints of utilisation. The three-storey building has a prefabricated concrete frame that frees up the floor space, and a service elevator. Its dimensions correspond to the requirements of fork-lift trucks. This design provides versatility in types of storage.
The volumes have deliberately been kept simple, avoiding complex interference with existing structures.
The outer, non-load-bearing walls are given an abstract treatment, using entirely prefabricated panels of three types:
- inorganic, with prefabricated, tinted concrete slabs (the largest being 20 m2);
- translucent, with tinted glass slats in steel frames;
- a composite that comprises a metal sheet, a layer of insulation, one of transparent polyester, and a black perforated metal surface.

The components are successively attached to the load-bearing structure using a crane. The operation can be carried out very rapidly, and does not interfere with the activity of the workshops. The apparently random arrangement of the panels creates a lively, non-standard appearance that contrasts with the classic tone of the existing building.

Logistics workshops, Lyon, Rhône, France

3103 m2 + renovation 3005 m2
1,45 M.€HT
City of Lyon / Technical services
GEC, Agibat MTI