Thermoleisure centre
Balaruc-les-Bains, Hérault, France

This thermoleisure centre is situated on the eastern side of the Thau lagoon. It is organised around an "eco-system" made up of circles and lines. The circles are formed by the water itself and the basins. The lines consist of constructed strips. The strips form folds that cross the landscape and enhance the topology. They place the aquatic spaces in a protective environment, sheltered from the prevailing winds. There is a structure that extends out from the roof and is open to the public, giving a view over the lagoon. The presence of constructed elements has been deliberately attenuated by the horizontality of the design, which avoids harsh confrontations and creates an uninterrupted panorama. Activities involving water have seen considerable changes in recent years, with the accent moving progressively from sport to leisure/entertainment. And spas have now begun to follow this trend. The therapeutic virtues of water, and the associated treatment programmes, are no longer confined to a strictly clinical approach. The idea of combining pleasure and wellbeing is gaining ground in more orthodox activities. This project embraces the developments in question, offering a large range of aquatic activities with multiple utilisations: hydromassage and hydropools, counter-current swimming, high-pressure jets and fountains, nozzles, microbubbles, massage beds and banquettes, bathing and children's games, a polar shower, a caldarium, thematic and fun showers, a sensorial grotto, an ice fountain, and, of course, an onsen, which is one of the main attractions.

Thermoleisure centre, Balaruc-les-Bains, Hérault, France

Overall constructed area (other than the aquatic facilities): 1200 m2
4.5 M.€HT
Ville de Balaruc
Partners - Collaborators
Itinéraire Bis (lanscape)
The enlighters (lighting)
IGbat (engineers)
Brières (water, electricity, gas)
Anglade (wood)

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