Nursing home and care centre for the elderly
Mervans, Saône-et-Loire, France

As concerns facilities for elderly people, we focus on habitability and quality of life. By definition, there is a problem of repetitiveness and monotony in such establishments. Our emphasis is therefore on differentiation, a qualitative approach to intermediate contexts (from public spaces to treatment areas and lounges), ergonomics and climatics. A new generation of specialist care homes must adapt to longer periods of occupancy (given the continuing increase in life expectancy), and a more residential type of utilisation. A facility for the elderly is no longer simply a care unit or a “parking zone.” It is a home in its own right, and also a place for people to receive visits from family and friends, who are given such a mediocre reception in many current facilities.
This project illustrate this ethos, and respond simultaneously to three criteria:
The residents’ quality of life and wellbeing;
The optimisation of day-to-day functioning, for both users and staff;
Technical and economic rationality.

Nursing home and care centre for the elderly, Mervans, Saône-et-Loire, France

4850 m2
7,2 M €
Conseil Général de Saône-et-Loire
Energy, gas / Technip TPS 

Renewable energy support  / Inddigo
Wood structure / Arborescence
Environmental approach
A 260 KW wood-burning boiler, which covers 50 % of requirements (with storage space for 80 m3 of wood).
48 m2 of high-yield vacuum solar panels for the provision of hot water.
A ground-coupled heat pump (3 rows of 7 tubes, 40 m long) for cooling the air in summer, and pre-heating it in winter.
Insulation: Ubat 0.47

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