Palliative care centre of 120 beds and support facilities
Chambéry, Savoie, France

Our proposition is situated at the convergence of three problematic issues: the quality of life of the inhabitants, the optimisation of the functioning of the services (residents and personnel) along with a rational technical and economic approach. 
The project strives to create agreeable surroundings, stimulating for all of the human senses, and not just uniquely a hospital accommodation environment. Our project cultivates several differentiated atmospheres, articulating the public and private spaces in playing with the equilibrium between intimity and sociability. It exploits the presence of the urban environment and the creation of gardens, enriching the interior of the building, with a multitude of different points of view both onto the gardens and towards the exterior, beyond the project boundary.
The bedrooms allow several views and orientations and adapt themselves to the needs of each resident. (calm, view onto the street, access onto external terraces.) Certain living spaces are places of mutual exchange (entertainment room, interior re-education street, dining room) with others presenting spaces for relaxation (exterior terraces, excluded set back living rooms, shaded gardens) and yet other spaces permitting oneself to be completely isolated, for example during a personnal visit (corner living room).
The creation of an underground, passive cooling system supplies the central ventilation requirements, notably during the warmer periods of the year.

Palliative care centre of 120 beds and support facilities, Chambéry, Savoie, France

4296 m2
7 M.€HT
Centre Hospitalier de Chambéry
Sechaud et Bossuyt

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