April 30, 2016
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Work in progress
The Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins / Isère

The construction of the Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins between finals.
The project comprises 18 social housing units commissioned by Grenoble Habitat, and 47 others to be put on sale by Vinci Immobilier.

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On the slopes

The building permit for a 96 rooms hotel in 2 Alps resort , Isère, has just been granted.
The building is an existing construction’s extension with a WOODEUM solution, processed in Cross Laminated Timber panels.
Construction will start in 2016.

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Work in progress
Golden concrete

The building permit for the house gilded concrete, Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or, has been granted after two years of instruction.
The composition of the golden concrete was developed with support from Lafarge concrete and SCBat company.

Leisure Facility / Givors / Rhône / France

The construction of a Leisure Facility Without Accommodation (ALSH) for the city of Givors, south of Lyon, has just been inaugurated. Placed on top of a hill, in the valley of Giers, the new building dominates the plain of Lyon. The project emphasizes the complicity and the dialogue with this remarkable landscape. It folows the folds of the natural site and dresses with large panels of solid wood.
Full photo report soon online.

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Day Hospital / Clermont-Ferrand

We are winners, with Atelier Kiziltas, of the competition for the construction of social housings and a day hospital in Clermont-Ferrand.
The Project management is ensured by OPHIS. The hospital is managed by the UGECAM.

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Gymnasium Hacine Cherifi / Rillieux La Pape / Lauréat WAN Wood Award 2015

The Hacine Cherifi gymnasium (1) forms part of the same development as the Paul Chevallier schools complex, another Tectoniques project for the town of Rillieux-La-Pape (69).
Next to the schools with their pleated, green roofs, its size makes it an imposing, yet silent, neighbour.
The building houses two sports halls and support services over a total surface area of 2,500 m2 with internal ceiling heights of 9 and 12 metres.
Faithful to the agency's values, the architecture uses a mixed wood/concrete structure without pretence or artifice, the wooden components being largely prefabricated.
The main structure is formed from a series of portal frames. These are composed of glue laminated spaced columns and beams with a span of 34 metres. The insulation consists of boxes filled straw.

WAN Wood Award 2015

(1) Hacine Cherifi is a boxer from the town who made history in 1998 at the Astroballe when he became the first French world Middleweight champion since Marcel Cerdan.
(2) Photographes: 11H45

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Work in progress
wooden prefabricated housing / 5D process

The 60 homes in Rive-de-Gier in the Loire, for 3F - Immobilière Rhône-Alpes, welcome their first residents.
The components are prefabricated in workshops Ossabois process 5d according to the process, and are assembled in a few hours on site.
The works of envelopes and floors are prefabricated components macro 2D.
The bathrooms are prefabricated by Aqualogis / Subsidiary of Ossabois.
The full photo report will soon be online.

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Wooden College, Besançon

After three years of work, a unifying, holistic project was delivered.
The new secondary school benefits from a more compact programme which offers gains in terms of quality of use and heating conservation.
This is the first wooden college built by the General Council of the Doubs.
Construction required 750 m3 of wood.
For this project, the agency Adelfo Scaranello is associated with the Tectoniques architectural firm.

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Iridescent and shiny

Infants' center in Autun just opened. Using wood as its basic construction material, with well-lit spaces, broad, open concourses and child-friendly ergonomics, our design is that of a placid, civilised form of architecture. The configuration of the project was largely influenced by bioclimatic considerations, notably that of keeping the building cool in summer.

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Thermal baths - Vals les Bains - Ardêche

To attract new customers, this ambitious project involves the creation of a wellness area and the complete renovation of the spa facilities.
The architecture of the existing equipment is complex and diverse.
We propose to find some peace and serenity, more in line with contemporary practices of wellness and hydrotherapy.

International Wood Construction Forum 2016

Tectoniques is invited to the International Wood Construction Forum 2016 takes place in April at the convention center of Lyon.
She participated in two workshops: Gymnasiums wooden straw and wooden modular construction.

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DETAIL / Review of Structural Engineering and Architecture

The latest issue of the Review of Structural Engineering and Architecture DETAIL published a report on the Sports Hall in Rillieu-La-Pape.

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Build wooden housing

Tectoniques participate in the information day organized by the CAUE Hauts de Seine, at its premises in Nanterre, Thursday, April 7.

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Legno Architettura 22

The latest issue of the Italian magazine Architettura Legno published an interview-portrait of the agency and a folder on the Chérifi Gymnasium.

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The latest issue of the Korean magazine DETAILS published a report of 12 pages on the Proudhon secondary school in Besançon.

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A wooden tower in Bordeaux sky

This project responds to a call for tenders from Bordeaux-Euratlantique planner, concerning  8.4 sector of the ZAC Saint Jean Belcier.
The islet 8.4. is centrally located in the ZAC perimeter.
The 105 meters high wooden constructed tower hosts housings.
We have designed this project, with FabriqA architects, Pyrénées-Charpente, and Frame concept engineers, for our client Nouvel Habitat.

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Schools projects

Three competitions for schools recently visited, in Juvignac (Herault), Grézieu (Rhône) and Vaulnaveys (Isère).

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Wooden heart / metal skin

The Community of Communes Champagnole Porte du Jura has appointed laureate our project for the new school.
Built of wood, the project develops on the ground floor around a courtyard.
The new school offers a protector of life and preserved from the tumult of the outside world, with peaceful and caring indoor environments.
To illustrate this feature, we dress the exterior facades with metal skin and treat the whole heart wood project.

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Woodway / Ferney Voltaire / Pays de Gex

Following a consultation organized by the Community of Communes Pays de Gex with SPL, Tectoniques is selected to built 84 units on the  Ferney Genève Innovation ZAC.
The project is built with timber and must comply with the Minergie label. Bouygues Immobilier is the contractor.
The other actors participants are Bremond-Immobilier, Raphael-Gabrion-architectes and Lemerou-Architecture.
Seura-Urbanistes are planners of the neighborhood.
Site web CC Pays de Gex

Along the greenway / Caluire and Cuire

Tectoniques wins a consultation for the construction of 70 social housing units in Caluire (client: OPAC du Rhône)
This project helps to relocate the tenants of nearby buildings demolished.

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Michelin's Commercial Departement

The new France Michelin's Commercial Departement of the tyres brand is based in its CATAROUX site of Clermond-Ferrand.
In front of the big scale of the industrial urban context, we propose to limit the project's footprint, to free the ground et create a piece of landscape.
It introduces nature in the heart of MICHELIN activity, as a vector of identity and of an ethical an responsible corporate culture.
Unfortunately, the formal sobriety of the project didn't know how to convince the client.

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Wood and biobased block in Strasbourg

Tectoniques has won the contract for the design and construction of "wood and biobased block" in Strasbourg.
We work together with the young architects atelierD.org and Nouvel Habitat developers.

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Work in progress
Dry wood industry and construction in Nantes

We are currently completing the first of three operations homes we build in Nantes, with the company Actimpro. This young company shares with Tectonic, common values​​, particularly around the dry wood industry and construction. We discover this occasion the Atlantic coast and the city of Nantes.

Running projects at the agengy

Koutio urban centre

Dumbéa, New Caledonia

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The town of Dumbéa is progressively developing and changing. In the next 20 years, its population is expected to increase from 25,000 to 50,000. This is the dynamic context for the burst of urban creativity that resulted in the Koutio centre. The infrastructural base includes a new tram system.
The architectural diversity of the project reflects its three main components: housing, offices and amenities. Offices occupy the urban frontage, but with their transverse character they also share the garden in the middle of the block. The linear sequence starts with a multipurpose cultural centre whose scale and architectural style express the renewal of the area. The two perpendicular apartment blocks stand face to face across the garden. The porous nature of the constructions, associated with the modes of access and circulation of the users, are conducive to neighbourliness and quality of life. The housing blocks draw inspiration from individual types of lifestyle, being divided up into smaller units so as not to seem too "collective". Large loggias, terraces and ventilation passages animate the volumes, linking them up and providing for differing degrees of privacy and interaction. The transversalities, with natural lighting and ventilation, are very naturally clad in wood, which gives a familiar ambiance, in contrast to the inorganic appearance of the facades that overlook the public space. The operation is informed by an environmental approach adapted to the tropical climate.

ZAC du centre urbain de Koutio. Îlots A1.2/A1.3/A1.4
Commune de Dumbéa, Nouvelle Calédonie
23 M.€HT
Planning authority
Group's representative
Athanor Nouvelle calédonie

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