December 10, 2018

Work in progress
New generation thermal equipment

Tectoniques is working with Soriano-Barrière, Architects in Anglet, OTEIS Engineers and Base Landscapers, on the creation of a new thermal equipment and a 160-unit residence in Saint Paul Les Dax. The file is at the stage of the building permit for a construction start in 2019.

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Built in raw earth brick

Source Post / PSEM Tolbiac for RTE, Rue du Moulinet in Paris, is built of earth..
For this project, the terracotta brick and the mud brick write a score in duet.
Terracotta brick does not fear aggression or water and is used in basement and in erosion control lines.
It protects the mud brick, the majority, implemented in the best possible conditions and for the sake of sustainability.
The extrusion work of terracotta bricks completes the polychomy with a set of bas-reliefs that shade the facade dynamically.
Although it is not really, originally, a Parisian material, the brick is part of Parisian history: first of modest and cheap connotation it is mainly used in industrial buildings, social housing (HBM) before expanding to other programs and acquiring nobility.
The swimming pool of the Butte aux Cailles, architect Louis Bonnier near the site is a reference on this constructive mode.

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Golden concrete

The golden concrete house in Saint Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or has just been delivered.
Photo report soon.

New offices for tectoniques in Bordeaux

After two years at the Darwin / coworking platform installed on the right bank of the Garonne / Tectoniques moved to new offices, in downtown Bordeaux / 34 Rue Burguet. Julien Fontaine, architect, is in charge of this agency / j.fontaine@tectoniques.com

conference on dry construction and biosourced materials

Tectoniques participate in the conference on dry construction and biosourced materials
on November 5th from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Ensba Lyon 8 bis, quai Saint-Vincent - Lyon 1er
registration with the CAUE b.cenci-cohen@caue69.fr

The same day and at the same place / Inauguration of the exhibition on
Regional Wood Construction Award Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Projects from Tectoniques are presented in this exhibition
Monday, November 5, 2018 at 7:30 pm
at the CAUE Rhône Métropole
6 bis, Quai Saint Vincent - Lyon 1er

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Regional wood construction award for the eco-district Trémonteix

Our project for the eco-district Trémonteix, in Clermont-Ferrand, for Auvergne Habitat, has just received the Regional wood construction award.
The city of Clermont-Ferrand’s aim was that of a ground-breaking operation in terms of sustainable development (accessibility, sociability, transport, integration, constructional performance, etc.).
The buildings are entirely constructed of wood.
The facades are in MOB and the floors in CLT
With this project, Tectoniques is further pursuing its research into the field of eco-neighbourhoods and sustainable habitats.

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Housing Prize of the Academy of Architecture and the National Council of the Order of Architects

The Academy of Architecture and the National Council of the Order of Architects have awarded us the Housing Award 2018.
We are proud to receive this award on the practices of our group of architects and engineers around housing.
The housing design is indeed strategic for all subjects that cross our society but it is placed under high constraints.
It is difficult today to build quality housing and architects must resist not to be simple facade decorators.

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Offices for the headquarters of Régilait

Tectoniques has just delivered the first tranche of the headquarters of the company Régilait in Saône et Loire.
The project is built in wood with a valuation of local materials (wood material of Beaujolais).
Workspaces respect an intermediate typology, both open and closed.
It is open visually and preserves a continuous landscape, especially when standing.
At the same time, it is closed and cut by carpentry and glazed units
that form independent alcoves and isolate sitting workstations.

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Seniors' residence

Logévie has appointed our Bordelaise agency to study and build a 65-bed residence in Bègles.
It welcomes independent or relatively independent seniors in private dwellings
In contrast to segregated practices, this program integrates shared services and inter-generational functions that allow it to live in direct relation to its context.
Rents are controlled and the whole has a social purpose.

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Early childhood center in Albertville / Savoie

The agency is laureate of the design competition for the new early childhood center in Albertville / Savoie.
The equipment includes a space early childhood, a center of leisure and a school restaurant about 2000 m2.
At the environmental level, the building reaches level E3C2.

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A multipurpose hall

Tectoniques is part of the winning team of the contest for the reprocessing of public spaces in the center of Marcy-l'Etoile, west of Lyon.
The team is led by Urban Studio. Tectoniques is designer of the Public Hall placed in the heart of the square.

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Wooden buildings / Prize-winners Adivbois 2017

Tectoniques is the winner of the architectural competition organized by EPASE on the Soulié block in Saint Etienne.
This consultation is part of the national competition ADIVBOIS, which offered 13 sites in France.
Our project is designed with the GCC group, the engineers of Arborescence and the designers of Numero 111 and La Fabrique.

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The first residents arrived in the aquariums of the Biodiversarium.
The aquariums are designed by the ITF office studies under the direction of Pascal Roman, head of Aragon Aquariologie Laboratory, and are made by the company Coutant Aquariums in La Rochelle.
Opening of the equipment is expected in the coming weeks.

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The Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins / Isère

The construction of the Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins has just been delivered..
The project comprises 18 social housing units commissioned by Grenoble Habitat, and 47 others to be put on sale by Vinci Immobilier.

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On the road to Gravenoire

Tectoniques is the winner of a competition to realize social housing in Royat (above Clermont-Ferrand) for Logidome.
The project is formed by two buildings turned towards a natural afforestation.
A topographic break, witness of the past of the site's former career, is preserved and valued.

Affordable Housing / Edition DETAIL

The project for housing complex at Rive de Gier, in the Loire, for 3F Immobilier, is presented as an exemplary operation in the book published by DETAIL.
This program is entirely made of wood and prefabricated components from a constructive solution developed with Ossabois.


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Work in progress
Macro-components facades

In the SDCC workshops in Varces, the packages are ready at the start for on-site assembly in Villeurbanne.
They contain the macro-components of facades for social housing under construction, rue Meunier, for EMH.

Fassadenspiel in Lyon

The social housing project for Grand Lyon Habitat in Lyon Mermoz is published on the BAUNETZ website
Link to the site


The latest issue of the Italian magazine Legnoarchitettura publishes an article at the Biodiversarium of Banyuls.

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Cost-Effective Housing

The latest issue of the international review DETAIL is dedicated to cost-effective housing.
The social housing project in Rive de Gier, built with Ossabois for 3F is presented in this file.
The operation is entirely made of prefabricated wood components, 2D for envelopes and floors and 3D for the blocks.

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Housing / Nancy

Tectoniques is the winner of a consultation to build a housing project on the ZAC Grand Coeur in Nancy.
The developer is Solorem on behalf of the Urban Community of Grand Nancy.
The new district is designed by AREP and MDP.
Nouvel Habitat is real estate developer of the block.
LSW, a young Nancéian architects agency, accompany us on this issue.

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Work in progress
The new public facilities of the Gavotte at Les Pennes Mirabeau under construction

Work on the new Gavotte equipment center began with a spectacular asbestos removal operation.
Delivery of the media library of the restaurant and schools is scheduled for late 2019. The nursery will be carried out in 2020.

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