April 01, 2020
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Inauguration of the Maison de l'enfance in Albertville

The Maison de l'enfance has just been inaugurated.
Designed in a very compact way, the project is nevertheless of great programmatic density.
It includes a multi-accueil, a nursery assistant relay, a family crèche, a school restaurant and a leisure centre.
It is built using a hybrid process. A central block of concrete pre-walls is surrounded and raised by a wooden structure.
The latter consists of vertical CLT structures and glulam flooring. The CLT is made of French wood (PLX from Monnet Sève).
The insulation is made of bio-based materials (cellulose wadding, wood wool and recycled textile mix).
The equipment is heated by a biomass heating network and ventilated by an adiabatic AHU.
Full photo report coming soon.

video of the inauguration

Tectonics recruits engineers and architects

Tectoniques recruits economists, HVAC engineers, civil engineers and architects.
We are looking for partners who are convinced and committed to new constructive and environmental solutions.
We are in a phase of development and renewal, with beautiful projects for the immediate future but above all strategic objectives for the near future.
We are specialized in dry solutions, wood construction, bio-sourced and geo-sourced solutions, and more generally mobilized on low carbon objectives.
Tectoniques offers a multi-business platform committed to innovation.
Located in the same offices, Arborescence structures bois and eEgénie environnement complement the skills of our two companies Tectoniques ingénieurs and Tectoniques architectes.

Send CV to Robert and Mayeul

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Building a new territory for JOP 2024

As part of the operations to organize the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2014, our consortium, led by the company Maître Cube, is the winner of the global public performance contract for the construction of two schools in the town of Le Bourget. These two projects are very ambitious in terms of construction, with a complete wood and biosourced construction, and in terms of environmental objectives with a passivhaus level.
Our team of architects consists of Tectoniques and our friends from Ajeance. A003 complete this binomial for the operational part.
The City of Le Bourget and SPL Le Bourget Grand Paris are the contracting authorities for the operation. TVK and Base are in charge of the Media Cluster ZAC created around Solideo for the Paris Olympic Games.

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Golden concrete

Jérome Ricolleau has just completed the photo report on the gilded concrete house in Saint Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or.
Its presence in the landscape is both strange and discreet.
It is strange because of its ruinous minerality and its dense and massive form.
It is discreet with its silhouette that disappears along the slope of the hillside.
The density of the oak of the joinery and floors, the softness of the three-ply whitened spruce slabs and the brutalism of the concrete are the three actors of the interior environments.

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Concrete and earthen walls for the Cusset source station.

The construction site of the Cusset source station for Enedis is in the final phase.
The architecture transcribes the purely industrial vocation of the program by proposing a simple and basic writing, directly deduced from the technical functions of the source station.
The building consists of a very limited construction pallet and left raw with two cast and sealed materials (concrete and earth) and galvanized steel accessories.

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In the heart of the Vosges forest

The Tectoniques group is the winner of the competition for the reconstruction of the new college in Vagney in the Vosges.
We lead a team with LSW and SQUAD associate architects, Perrin wood structures, Jean Baptiste Lestra landscape architect and eEgénie for environmental monitoring.
The project promotes short chains and local resources, particularly wood and processed products from the Vosges forest.
Architecturally and constructively, the choices are simple and optimized.
The school's space is organized around a vast interior gallery, treated in double height and widely open to the courtyards and patios planted.

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Dedicated to the horse

The Tectoniques group, accompanied by engineers from Arborescence and D+H architectes, is the winner of the competition for the new equestrian centre in the city of Gennevilliers in the Hauts de Seine.
This project is characterized by a 90-metre long vault in a wood-metallo-textile structure that covers the equestrian rides.

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Spectacular views of the mountains of Vercors and Chartreuse

Tectoniques is the winner of the competition for the DD block on the ZAC Presqu'île in Grenoble.
The program includes 100 rental and social housing units for Grenoble Habitat.
The site is bordered by the Isère river, and enjoys spectacular views of the mountains of the Chartreuse and the Vercors.
To avoid adding complexity to an already architecturally intense neighbourhood, our project offers a deliberately sober and rather calm writing.
The housing units all have a double or even triple orientation. Most of them are through.
The organization of the bayoneted day rooms around a corner loggia expands the space and exploits the diagonal views offered by this double orientation.
Most water rooms are naturally lit, as are stairwells and floor galleries.

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Day Hospital / Clermont-Ferrand

The construction of social housings and a day hospital in Clermont-Ferrand is being delivered.
The Project management is ensured by OPHIS. The hospital is managed by the UGECAM.
The hospital is built of wood with ribbed CLT floors developed by Arborescence, wood engineers.

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Wood weaving

The hall of Marcy-l'étoile, in West Lyonnais, is finished.
The roof’s framework structure consists of a weave of glue laminated wood beams, with large bending radii so as to remain widely open. Each beam is composed of five 60 mm x 150 mm slats. They are then interconnected by a system of hangers (threaded rod) and fastened together between metal spacers. 

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From concrete to wood

Tectoniques is laureate of the contest for the college Maryse Bastié in Dole in the Jura. The general composition of the site is characterized by a rationalist design, typical of the 70s, date of construction of the buildings.
Our work of recomposition focused on the general improvement of the conditions of reception of the pupils and the teachers without making a clean sweep of the existing one. Beyond compliance, we propose a formal and programmatic clarification of the entire site.
The wood is used for the entire framework, with a major use of solid wood, to favor the local and regional sectors. Most of the interior finishes are also made of wood or biobased materials. An architectural mediation is created between the old prefabricated precast concrete floors, which we keep, and the floors of the new parts, treated in wooden caissonnages with a similar design.

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Regeneration of a high-rise building in Saint-Etienne

The agency has just won a consultation for the complete requalification of a high-rise building in Saint-Etienne.
It is located west of the city center in the oldest district of Saint-Etienne, marked by the proximity of the mine site.
Built in 1971 by the architects of Saint Etienne, J. Farat,Y.Gouyon and J.Bressiant, it welcomes until a recent period the administrative program of the caisse primaire d’assurance maladie et de la caisse d’allocations familiales.
This is the tallest building in the city center.
The recomposition involves both a complete reprogramming, a transformation of the base and associated public spaces and the creation of a new architectural signature.
We are accompanied on this project by our friend and architect Dominique Vigier and the Numéro 111 designers.

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Green School

The agency won the competition for the construction of the new school for the écoquartier of Plaine de Montagu in Melun in Seine et Marne.
Atelier 208 architects accompany us on this project.
The project is very ambitious on the environmental level with a passive level E3C2 target and a specific valuation of hemp material grown and developed in the municipality of Melun.
Built of wood and biobased materials, the program includes schools, a crèche and a school restaurant.

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Public equipment in Mérignac

Tectoniques has won a competition for the realization of a Public equipment in Mérignac, in the West of Bordeaux.
The project slips behind the stone facade of the old school, preserved and restored.
It is built of wood and bio-sourced materials and is part of an ambitious environmental approach.
Public spaces associated with the project are recomposed by A + R landscapers.

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Work in progress
Wood frame macro-components

The social housing program, rue Meunier, in Villeurbanne for EMH is being delivered.
The wood frame macro-components have been prefabricated in the SDCC workshops in Varces.

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Jura wood

The construction of the new school of Champagnole is over.
The children must arrive at the return of the holidays of February.
Built of wood, the project enhances the short circuits and woods from the Jura.

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Offices for the headquarters of Régilait

Tectoniques has just delivered the first tranche of the headquarters of the company Régilait in Saône et Loire.
The project is built in wood with a valuation of local materials (wood material of Beaujolais).
Workspaces respect an intermediate typology, both open and closed.
It is open visually and preserves a continuous landscape, especially when standing.
At the same time, it is closed and cut by carpentry and glazed units
that form independent alcoves and isolate sitting workstations.

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Seniors' residence

Logévie has appointed our Bordelaise agency to study and build a 65-bed residence in Bègles.
It welcomes independent or relatively independent seniors in private dwellings
In contrast to segregated practices, this program integrates shared services and inter-generational functions that allow it to live in direct relation to its context.
Rents are controlled and the whole has a social purpose.

International Prize for Timber Architecture / French nominees

For the third year, the International Prize for Wood Architecture will soon bring together the editors of six architecture magazines dedicated to the material wood, to elect the best wood construction of the year, and of the world!
As a first step, at the beginning of February, the editors of Séquences Bois elected the three French nominees, including the hall in Marcy l'Etoile.
Article below.


Construire avec le bois

The new edition of CONSTRUIRE AVEC LE BOIS published by Les éditions du Moniteur
presents, among a selection of some exemplary achievements, the leisure reception equipment in Givors, by Tectoniques.
This book is written by Matthieu Fuchs and Julien Mussier with a preface by Dominique Gauzin Muller.

Technical details
A first in France for recycled aluminium

Technal and its manufacturer-installer SMMMM have achieved a first in France with joinery made of recycled aluminium CIRCAL 75R.
Their post-consumer recycled content, equal to or higher than 75%, i.e. an average of 2.0 kg of CO2e/kg of aluminium, thus contributes to obtaining the Mediterranean Sustainable Building Gold (MDB) label.
They cover four public facilities in the Gavotte district of Les Pennes-Mirabeau, north of Marseille, built by the Tectoniques group: a 3,000 m2 media library, an intergenerational restaurant for 500 people, a school group with 15 classes and a children's centre with a crèche and a Maternity Care Centre.

New team

Many changes for the Tectoniques team with the arrivals of:
Anne-Laure Barillaro for the office management,
Julie Perrault for the administrative and financial management,
Margot Roche, Olivier Bouvais, Ana Gonzalez and Ugo Costa for the Architects Cluster
Lauriana Masclet and Pierre Millot for the Engineering Cluster

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Industrial heritage

The footbridge and the belvedere of the hydroelectric dam of Cusset in Villeurbanne propose new perspectives to discover this extraordinary industrial site.
The Cusset hydroelectric dam is a power generation plant located on the Jonage canal between the municipalities of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin. Built in 1899, the plant is still in operation and produces electricity for 100,000 inhabitants, or 405 GWh / year from a channel flow of 600 M3 per second. Hydropower is the second largest source of electricity production behind nuclear power and the leading source of renewable electricity in France.
Our intervention, modest but strategic, proposes to register in the industrial language of the site. While it has a cultural vocation, the bridge is in fact a purely technical object, like an "architecture without architect".

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Work in progress
Textile recycling to isolate the Dance and music school in Charbonnières les Bains

The construction site of the Dance and music school is in a terminal phase.
Insulation is achieved with Métisse panels.
Métisse is the first biosourced insulation manufactured in France and comes from a complete textile recycling sector.
The other insulation works are made of Pavatherm wood wool panels, also manufactured in France by Pavatex.

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Work in progress
CLT construction with PLX Monnet Sève in French wood

The Albertville Children's House is in progress.
The first CLT panels, which are PLX Monnet Sève in French wood, are installed.

Affordable Housing / Edition DETAIL

The project for housing complex at Rive de Gier, in the Loire, for 3F Immobilier, is presented as an exemplary operation in the book published by DETAIL.
This program is entirely made of wood and prefabricated components from a constructive solution developed with Ossabois.


Fassadenspiel in Lyon

The social housing project for Grand Lyon Habitat in Lyon Mermoz is published on the BAUNETZ website
Link to the site


The latest issue of the Italian magazine Legnoarchitettura publishes an article at the Biodiversarium of Banyuls.

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Work in progress
The new public facilities of the Gavotte at Les Pennes Mirabeau under construction

Work on the new Gavotte equipment center began with a spectacular asbestos removal operation.
Delivery of the media library of the restaurant and schools is scheduled for late 2019. The nursery will be carried out in 2020.

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