October 22, 2016
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A pine forest inhabited for a neighborhood center

Tectoniques has won, with Atelier Mediterranéen, the design competition for new public buildings of the Gavotte.
Located in Les Pennes-Mirabeau, north of Marseille, the operation program includes two schools, a multi-reception center, an inter-generational restaurant and a multi-functional public facility: the Idea Box.
This set creates a neighborhood center.
The site is formed by an east-west oriented valley with a strong topography (height difference of 14 meters between the top and bottom of the project site).
It is surrounded by a predominantly residential and diffuse urban planning, combined with a fairly generous vegetation with some great Aleppo pines.
We opted for a relatively homogeneous architectural style and a strong interaction between the landscape and the built space.
The choice of the plant species is dictated by the geography of the place, and was inspired by the spontaneous Mediterranean vegetation found in the valley.
The project is installed on pedestals dressed in white limestone rocks. He uses wooden slabs (cross laminated timber) and biobased materials (adobe brick) assembled in a dry construction process.

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Work in progress

In Biodiversarium Banyuls, The decoration of aquariums are being manufactured.
They are designed by the ITF office studies under the direction of Pascal Roman, head of Aragon Aquariologie Laboratory, and are made by the company Coutant Aquariums in La Rochelle.
The acclimatization period is scheduled for 4 months between December and April 2017.

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An industrial building in rammed earth

Tectoniques has won a competition organized by ENEDIS for designing a new generation substation.
The project is built in rammed earth. Our approach echoes the international operation TERRALYON2016 and rallies on
alternative modes of construction and eco-friendly.
We worked with Exndo Studio / Eco-designers and with the team CRAterre, earth building specialist.

WOOD / Poetic and Pratical Possibilities

The latest issue of the international architectural magazine C3 publishes a report of 16 pages on the  Hacine Cherifi Gymnasium,.
The theme of the issue is: WOOD: Poetic and Pratical Possibilities.

/ C3-383 1.63 MB

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Tectoniques performs for Est Metropole Habitat a social housing operation, Rue Meunier in Villeurbanne.
The building permit is being prepared.

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Work in progress
5D process

The 36 social housing units are constructed in Vauhallan / Essonne, for Opievoy.
The operation is performed with the Ossabois company working wooden prefabrication, with one hand 2D components for envelopes and floors
and secondly 3D toilet blocks. This construction method is developed by Ossabois under the heading 5D process.

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Work in progress
Biodiversarium, Banyuls

Facing the sea, the project is to include laboratories for Pierre and Marie Curie University, and an aquarium for the study of Mediterranean biotopes.
The work should be completed in 2016.

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On the slopes

The building permit for a 96 rooms hotel in 2 Alps resort , Isère, has just been granted.
The building is an existing construction’s extension with a WOODEUM solution, processed in Cross Laminated Timber panels.
Construction will start in 2016.

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Work in progress
Golden concrete

The building permit for the house gilded concrete, Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or, has been granted after two years of instruction.
The composition of the golden concrete was developed with support from Lafarge concrete and SCBat company.

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Day Hospital / Clermont-Ferrand

We are winners, with Atelier Kiziltas, of the competition for the construction of social housings and a day hospital in Clermont-Ferrand.
The Project management is ensured by OPHIS. The hospital is managed by the UGECAM.

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Work in progress
wooden prefabricated housing / 5D process

The 60 homes in Rive-de-Gier in the Loire, for 3F - Immobilière Rhône-Alpes, welcome their first residents.
The components are prefabricated in workshops Ossabois process 5d according to the process, and are assembled in a few hours on site.
The works of envelopes and floors are prefabricated components macro 2D.
The bathrooms are prefabricated by Aqualogis / Subsidiary of Ossabois.
The full photo report will soon be online.

Work in progress
Prefabricated facade

The installation of facades housing for Grand Lyon Habitat located in Lyon-Mermoz has just begun.
Each prefabricated macro-component covers a full level.
Some days are enough to mount all the facades.

Prefabricated housing

The latest issue of Cahiers techniques du Bâtiment has a feature new modes of construction of social housing.
A report presents the project we do with Ossabois for Opievoy, in the Essonne.


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Tectoniques opens offices in Bordeaux.

It is represented by Julien Fontaine / Architect.
Contact: Julien Fontaine / +33 (0)6 27 65 34 07 / Tectoniques / 87 dock Queyries 33100 Bordeaux.

Offices for the headquarters of Régilait

Tectonic working on the project extension and renovation of the headquarters of the company Régilait in Saône et Loire.
The project is built in wood with a valuation of local materials (wood material of Beaujolais).

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Health house / Annecy-le-Vieux

The agency has won a competition for a Health house and housing in Annecy-le-Vieux,
as part of a consortium led by Eiffage Construction with Roux Entreprise bois.

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Work in progress
The Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins / Isère

The construction of the Pré-Nouvel ecodistrict of Seyssins between finals.
The project comprises 18 social housing units commissioned by Grenoble Habitat, and 47 others to be put on sale by Vinci Immobilier.

DETAIL / Review of Structural Engineering and Architecture

The latest issue of the Review of Structural Engineering and Architecture DETAIL published a report on the Sports Hall in Rillieu-La-Pape.

/ Publication DETAIL 1.60 MB

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Woodway / Ferney Voltaire / Pays de Gex

Following a consultation organized by the Community of Communes Pays de Gex with SPL, Tectoniques is selected to built 84 units on the  Ferney Genève Innovation ZAC.
The project is built with timber and must comply with the Minergie label. Bouygues Immobilier is the contractor.
The other actors participants are Bremond-Immobilier, Raphael-Gabrion-architectes and Lemerou-Architecture.
Seura-Urbanistes are planners of the neighborhood.
Site web CC Pays de Gex

Along the greenway / Caluire and Cuire

Tectoniques wins a consultation for the construction of 70 social housing units in Caluire (client: OPAC du Rhône)
This project helps to relocate the tenants of nearby buildings demolished.

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Wood and biobased block in Strasbourg

Tectoniques has won the contract for the design and construction of "wood and biobased block" in Strasbourg.
We work together with the young architects atelierD.org and Nouvel Habitat developers.

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Work in progress
Dry wood industry and construction in Nantes

We are currently completing the first of three operations homes we build in Nantes, with the company Actimpro. This young company shares with Tectonic, common values​​, particularly around the dry wood industry and construction. We discover this occasion the Atlantic coast and the city of Nantes.

Running projects at the agengy

Eco-neighbourhood, Les Rives d'Allier, Vichy

Vichy, Allier, France

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Given its scope and strategic location on the banks of the Allier river, and close to the centre of Vichy, the development of the area around the Darragon stadium represents a unique opportunity to develop a new neighbourhood.
Our project provides a familiar ambiance, with habitat programmes, and an "urban" presence, with the stadium and its new multifunctional facilities, which is a major feature of the new cityscape. Public amenities, activities, shops and services contribute to diversity, and respond to the expectations of the local people, but also the needs of current and future economic actors. The urbanisation programme, its dialogue with the existing fabric of the city and the extraordinary landscaping potential of the site constitute an integrated instrument for the enhancement and integration of the area. The proposed types of construction and public space are the result of a far-reaching, sustainable urbanistic and architectural approach. With its bioclimatic aspects, environmental performance, urban ecology, social life, equilibrium and cultural approach, this is an all-embracing approach centred on quality of life and urbanistic dynamism.

Municipality of Vichy
Axe Saône (coordinator)
Athanor, Ingédia
Environmental approach
Eco-neighbourhood initiative
Winner of the "Éco-quartiers – Projets d'Avenir" prize / Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing

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